The Lonely Hour: Reasons Why You Need To Be Alone For A Few Hours Everyday.

Being lonely a few hours out of the day doesn’t sound too bad. To be honest, after dealing with the many different actions of humans for majority of the day, it sounds like a breathe of fresh air.

The word lonely has a bad reputation. Society made it the face of depression and basically if you’re ever lonely, you should hurry up and find someone to talk to.

However, this might sound crazy, but we need to be lonely for a few hours a day.

Perhaps I should say “alone” since many people can create the argument between the difference of the two.

Any who, here’s a few reasons why we need that alone time.

• We need time to ourselves.

• It allows us to sit and relax, maybe even use our Apple watches to “breathe”.

• It’s one of the few times out of the day that’s not stressful.

• If you don’t feel like talking, you don’t have to.

• It helps with becoming more in touch with yourself. You can notice more of who you are when you’re not distracted by life. Even if it’s for a few hours. We learn something new everyday.

• YOU CAN BE YOURSELF. You can eat how you want. Nothing has to be perfect when you’re alone. (Although you should always be yourself)

• You’re getting away from life, for a bit.

These reasons are more than enough to convince people why they should take time for themselves EVERY DAY. We deal with so much in life, it’s overwhelming.

Those small moments/ hours of calm can motivate you to keep going. Your mind & body needs rest every day.


  1. Agreed! Once I started working a 3 years back, I realised that I needed alone time once I was home at night. Just stress free chill time on my own. People think I’m weird that I need these few hours everyday but I just love those few hours that I have with myself. I’m glad you agree! 😊

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