Lessons Learned: Don’t Allow Greed To Take Over What You Love

Sometimes, life will humble you faster than you can blink.

We learn so much as we grow and explore life.

We tend to look for things that make us better human beings, but we don’t like to take into consideration that we could use self evaluations often.

I know, we don’t like to hear it.

Yet, many people, including myself, need to use the advice we give others.

I’ve always told others not to allow greed to take over what they love to do.

What do I mean by that?

I mean, never let the thought of being bigger and making more money overshadow your love for your dream, to be exact.

I need to take my own advice.

I’m currently a Freelance Journalist, just one of the many aspects of media that I’m apart of. I absolutely love to write, film, and edit my own content.

I never wanted to be in the media industry to become a billionaire and own my own continent, or something outrageous.

But, lately I’ve found myself worrying more about the perks of being known in the media industry than my actual love for it.

This has to stop, like ASAP.

I never want greed to take over what I love, because then it becomes a chore and we never love chores.

It’s the main reasons why I haven’t been writing my weekly journals and blogging like I was before.

I’m taking my own advice and getting back into my zone!

I’m taking back what I love and I’m doing it because it brings me happiness.

Do you know anyone that chose greed over what they loved? Why do you think this is common?


  1. A YouTube that comes to mind chose greed over love, and chased some of his fans away. He became very self-centered over the years and it showed. For that reason, unsubscribed. I’m sure he still has a huge following though but I wouldn’t know.

    I can also think of a female YouTuber who was a vegan activist, fruitarian to be exact, but also took a turn for the worst once she started getting famous. I was following her before she was famous. Again, I unsubscribed I no longer cared for her content or message. I get that ppl change, but sometimes they change for the worst rather than for the better.

    1. I’m so glad that you mentioned youtubers because I was also following this girl who became very self centered once her subscribers grew. It was weird seeing it play out because she started YouTube cause she had no friends and felt alone. Then, once she became rich, she started hanging around people for the wrong reasons and made videos about things us “less fortunate” people couldn’t relate to. I instantly unsubscribed but I don’t know why I felt bad about it.

      1. Unrelatable YouTubers are the worst! ☹️ Perhaps you felt bad about unsubscribing because you were a loyal fan for a long time. The person you once subscribed to is not that person anymore – she’s a shell of who she used to be, and it’s okay to unsubscribe. I think it’s actually healthy to prune your subscription list every few months.

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