So, You’re On A Budget?

So, you’re on a budget?

Being on a budget can be both life-changing and challenging. Obviously, the Pros of being on a budget are far more important than the Cons, but we can’t act like they don’t exist. Many people create budgets for a plethora of reasons. You could simply be saving up towards a goal/ item you’ve always wanted or things in your life have taken a slight turn and in response, you’re being cautious. Either way, there’s a limit on what you can and can not spend.


On A Budget
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As a young Graduate student on a budget, I can’t say this has been the easiest experience. While everyone else is taking trips outside the country, I’m saving majority of money to further my brand and expand in the media industry. There were days where I found myself STRESSED OUT, especially during my undergrad years.

However, there are ways to have fun on a budget. Some people even find ways to take small getaways without going over their limit. I found a way to do that, and honestly, it’s beyond a life saver. I coudn’t wait to share them with you all.


On A Budget
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Nerd alert. For a lot of people, museums are only seen as educational, but they’re really fun to me. From looking at massive art scultpures to paintings from centuries ago, I really enjoy walking through those ancient hallways. Some of you may already know, but recently I visited the Morton Arboretum in Lisel, Illinois (Visiting The Morton Arboretum). It was only $16 which is much less than I anticipated. I left with a lot of photos and videos, plus an experience that I’ll forever cherish.


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Okay, I have yet to do this but I know many people who have and it’s always praised. When we think of hotels, we automatically think of overpriced and expensive. Yet, there are hotels that are inexpensive and are still highly ranked. This mini vacation is a perfect reward for those who have been on a budget and stayed true to it. This one little simple weekend vacay won’t hurt your pockets. Don’t forget, you need to treat yourself sometimes.

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Whether it’s brunch or an early morning breakfast date, this type of small date will lift your spirits while not hurting your pockets. If I could visit my favorite small cafe every day with my laptop, I would. My main goal is to try to do this once of week, but for now once a month works perfectly fine. I know someone might ask, ‘Well, how is this fun?’. It’s fun because, in my opinion, you’re pampering yourself. You get to relax and eat outside of your home, which for some people are toxic places.

I really hope these simple things bring fun into your life, if you happen to try them. Remember, saving is imperative but a life you enjoy is even more imperative.


  1. Staying in an Airbnb is fun too especially if you can find a reasonable one with a jacuzzi or pool.
    Great suggestions – don’t always need to spend a lot to have fun. 😊

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