The Key To Having a Productive Day

It’s time we discussed the key to having a productive day.

Every day we wake up with the intention of having a better day than before. Because no one wants their days to be worse, that’s insane.

Of course, in the life we live, there are times where events will happen out of the blue that alters your day. However, it shouldn’t stop you from at least trying to map out what you’d like your day to be like.

As a grad student who’s also a journalist/creative marketer/digital content producer (I wear a lot of hats, I know), I need to create a plan for my days, or else I’d drive myself crazy.

In my opinion, the key to having a productive day starts with realistic planning and allowing yourself time to relax.

Let’s get to it.

The Key To a Productive Day

The Key To Having a Productive Day
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Realistic Planning

Let me start by saying planning helps a lot with trying to stay organized. If I didn’t plan what days to do my homework and the number of hours I’d spend on each class, I’d be stressed out. However, sometimes we plan things outrageously.

What do I mean by that?

You should plan realistically, meaning map out things you know you’d for sure have time to do. For example, today is my content day for this week.

I planned to write this blog post and create social media content. For me, this is realistic because I know for sure I could get it done without feeling tired. Outrageous planning would be me planning to write 10 blog posts, 5 social media content, and a youtube production.

Don’t get me wrong, there are people who can plan all of those things and get it done, but for me and all that I have to do, it’s not realistic. Planning this would’ve resulted in me thinking my day was unproductive because I couldn’t get it all done.

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Allowing Yourself Time To Relax

In order to have the energy to be productive, you have to allow yourself to relax. Yes, you read that correctly. If you go the entire day just working, more than likely you won’t finish all of the tasks you’ve planned. Give yourself a coffee/tea break in between projects, read a book or do something relaxing. I usually read a chapter of my favorite book or have a tea break.

What’s your key to a productive day?

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  1. I’m guilty of just trying to go go go, then feeling crap at the end of the day for not checking off everything on my to-do list. But being productive is a great way to spend the day indeed, despite all the joys of Netflix. Thanks for this post!

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