5 Things To Do Instead of Being on Your Device

In 2022, we’re focusing on the real world. Here are 5 things to do instead of being on your device.

As humanity evolves, we’ve developed an attachment to our cellular devices now more than before. It provides access to jobs, connects us with family and strangers worldwide, and even stores valuable information. The connection with our devices is so strong that it has become a morning ritual to check it as soon as you wake up. With newly addictive devices comes detachment from the real world. Think about it. How many hours do you spend on your electronics per day? Now, how many times have you gone for a walk? Friends, it’s time to put the phone down. Here are five things to do instead.

5 Things To Do Instead of Being on Your Device

5 Things To Do Instead of Being On Your Device
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Read a book

So many phenomenal new books are waiting for you to indulge in its characters. From fantasy to urban fiction, don’t miss the chance to visit your local bookstore and start your bookworm journey. To stay away from the urge of using your phone, stick to hard copies.

At-Home date night with friends

What’s better than a night full of great vibes in the comfort of your own home? Invite some of your closet friends over, reminisce, and enjoy a night full of laughter. Create some ‘boss friends’ goals together and talk about how you all can better support each other.

Take a walk

Life isn’t a walk in the park, but that shouldn’t stop you from taking a walk often. Walking is known to help clear your mind and release negative energy. If you don’t want to take one alone, ask a friend.

Game night with your family

Thanksgiving and Christmas don’t have to be the only time families come together. Have a game night with your loved ones instead of texting or calling them. Talk about those embarrassing times when you were younger. Play spades or claim someone is cheating during a fun game of Uno.

Buy a journal and write your heart out.

Feel like writing a social media post about how you feel? Buy a journal instead. Sometimes we give too much insight into our personal lives to strangers who find amusement in our pain. Use that journal to get your feelings out and keep adverse people out of your business.

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