So, you failed? Here’s How To Recharge

So, you failed. But, guess what? There’s only one way to go once you hit the bottom, and that’s to the top!

We need to get into the habit of turning failure into knowledge. We can not win every game, but we’re winning in life if we try and learn from our mistakes. This is easier said than done, and of course, you’re going to feel some way if you take a loss. However, it’s the way you react to the loss that dictates whether you’re going to bounce back or let it control you. If you consistently blame others for not winning, you have a long route ahead of you.

So, you failed?
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Take accountability for your failure.

When you take a loss, always take accountability. This is your life, and you’re the main character. Everyone else has supporting roles or are extras. You’re the only person with the power to allow yourself to take chances. When you take a chance, you’re making yourself vulnerable to losing. Do not lash out and make a social media post whenever that happens.

Don’t blame your family and friends for not helping you, even if it’s true. Just take accountability, turn it into a lesson and prepare for your win with the knowledge you just gained. Sometimes we don’t give things our all. Life can be wild, and we tend to handle a plethora of things at once with no structure. Sometimes we do everything we can, and we still lose. This is the universe telling you that it’s not your time, or this is not the route for you. Again, take accountability and turn it into a lesson. Most importantly, cut yourself some slack.

Always make your past self jealous.

You allowed yourself to take a chance, and you deserve to be proud of that no matter the outcome. Your determination to succeed proves that you’ve grown and are a better person than your past self. You lost, so what! At least you put effort into improving and took on the challenge. Compare your mindset now to how it was five years ago. Your past self wishes they had the confidence you have now.

So, you failed? Okay. Victory feels so much better when you’ve bounced back from failure.

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