Four Affordable Self-Care Ideas For March

Here are four affordable and free self-care ideas for March. We’re pampering ourselves in the best, least expensive way possible.

For a very long time, when I heard the word self-care, I thought it had a lot to do with pampering yourself with whatever expensive item your heart desires. It’s all we see on social media, especially on TikTok, for example. We see young women and men taking a stroll through designer stores, paying thousands on self-maintenance, and more calling it their self-care days.

Honestly, this sounds like a dream, and I believe everyone should experience this kind of self-care, but in reality, if you have little money or are on a budget, it’s hard. So, I curated this list of four ideas for my written self-care series that’ll leave you and your pockets happy.

Four Afforable Self-Care Ideas

Four Affordable and Free Self-Care Ideas

Bubble Baths in the morning and at night.

When was the last time you’ve made yourself a nice, warm bubble bath? We work hard–a little too hard sometimes– and that takes a toll on our bodies. Bubble baths are relaxing, and they’re a great way to start and end your night. You’re probably thinking, ‘Lashaunta, how is this self-care?’. Well, self-care consists of taking care of your mind and body. Imagine a bubble bath surrounded by your favorite scented candles, with optional rose petals, music, and a glass of wine. You can even add bath salt or whatever will make your mind and body feel at ease. And the best thing about this is baths are a free self-care idea!

At-home Spa day full of facials.

We wash our faces every day but turn it into an at-home spa experience as an inexpensive self-care idea. Buy a nice bath towel, your favorite color to make this even more personalized, and a hair towel to match. I’ve seen many at Walmart, Target, and Amazon for under $20. With the facial cleansers you have at home, play your favorite music and massage your face. There are many calming tutorials on youtube to make yourself feel like a spa pro.

Make a five-star, candle-lit dinner for one.

Having dinner alone is not the end of the world. We need to start being comfortable with enjoying our own company, so we won’t have to depend on the energy of others even if we’ve met the love of our lives. Download the tasty app, my favorite food recipe app, or go on youtube and find a nice dinner to make. Since it’s dinner for one, you probably won’t spend much on ingredients, especially if you shop at Aldi, Petes, Kroger, or Trader Joe’s, which have excellent prices. Don’t forget your candles and of course, a lovely dress.

Night drives around the city with a playlist to live for.

Whether you live in a city or not, night drives are a relaxing way to clear your mind. Remember, self-care consists of taking care of your mind and body. We feel happier and accessible when listening to music, especially our favorite tunes. While you’re enjoying the beautiful scenery as your hair blows with the wind, sing your heart out and enjoy the thrill. Put on a mini-concert, if you will.

There you have it, folks, four affordable self-care ideas for March and beyond. What do your self-care days look like? Let me know!

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