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Being rejected is one of the most painful feelings in the world. But, instead of moping around, here’s how to handle rejection.

As someone whose been rejected plenty of times, the feeling sucks. However, life is not an easy race to the finish line. Things will not always go as planned, and it’ll feel like the end of the world, but I promise you— it’s not. To improve our lives, we must be able to handle rejection. No matter what industry you’re in or who you want to be with, having tough skin is mandatory. And this doesn’t mean not showing how you feel, such as disappointment when you don’t secure a job position you longed for or being sad because someone you wanted doesn’t want you. It’s about using that rejection to boost your confidence, grab yourself by the bootstrap, and look for something better. So, let’s get into these ways to look at the bright side of rejection

Here’s How to handle rejection

Here's How To Handle Rejection/ ways to handle rejection
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  • You possibly dodged a bullet.

Sometimes we don’t get what we want because it’s not what we need. The job position, company environment, or person you wanted could result in toxic energy. Even if that’s not the case, something wasn’t right in that situation, and God/the universe pushed you away from it.

  • There’s something bigger and better coming.

You probably didn’t get the position and/or the lover because you deserve better. You most likely limited yourself to a box, and rejection was the only way for you to comprehend your worth. There’s a saying that says: ‘A thousand No’s is just a start to the right Yes.’ One day you’ll get a position that’s worth more. One day you’ll get someone that worships the ground you walk on. Something bigger and better is coming.

  • Honestly, it’s their lost.

Whether the rejection was in the form of a call or email, look at how great you are… it’s their loss. You have every right to feel like the best person in the world. If the job or person you wanted couldn’t see how wonderful you are, let it go. Learn and move past it. There’s a company or a significant other that’ll love and appreciate you.

When you think of ways to handle rejection, remember that this is just a bump in the road. A smooth street is coming!

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