How To Improve Your Time Management Skills

If you want to start prospering, you must improve your time management skills. This might seem like an annoying topic, but I promise, managing your time will increase productivity.

Have you ever felt highly stressed? So, noted that you sit and decide not to do anything on your to-do list because the thought stresses you even more? Then, you wait until the last minute to start. Now, you’re rushing to finish everything. I’m here to tell you that we’ve all been there.

You need to find a process that works for you. One that allows you to get everything done in a timely matter. Some people might say:

What is time management?

“The process of planning and exercising conscious control of time spent on specific activities, especially to increase effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity”

There are many ways to improve this skill, but here is a method that works for me.

What You Need To Improve Your Time Management Skills

How To Improve Your Time Management Skills

Improve Your Effectiveness

  • Write down a list of things you need to do. (It’s always best to see, in order, everything that needs to be done.)
  • Write a due date next to the item. Starting with the closest date to furthest. (It’s always best to do things in whatever order makes sense to you, but if there’s a due date, start with the activity that’s closer to being due.)
  • Pick the first two to three things on your list to get started with.
  • Figure out how much time you want to spend on each. 30 mins to an hour works best for me. (Of course, it depends on how big the project is, but always map out how much time needs to be spent on one project.)
  • Do this daily or weekly, and you’ll feel less overwhelmed. (Not only that, but you’ll also have more energy to finish your entire list and put more effort into completing each item successfully.

Try out this process, and let me know if it works!


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