5 Reasons Why You Should Rest EVERY Weekend

What are you doing this weekend? Resting? If not, we need to talk. Because now I have to rant to you about five reasons why you should rest EVERY weekend.

It doesn’t take a lot for our bodies to shut down completely. You may think you have a high tolerance for overworking, but your body says otherwise. How does your body feel when you just finished working a 12 hour day, five days a week, while standing the entire shift? I felt like my legs were about to fall off from someone who had done this in the past.

No, you know what? My legs were in pain so bad that I could not walk anywhere but from my bathroom back to my room. My mom and sister had to cook my food and bring it to me (forever grateful for them, by the way.) I never wanted to feel that type of pain again.

After experiencing that, I vowed never to overwork my body, especially on the weekends.

Still, feel the urge to overwork? I have five reasons you shouldn’t, especially on the weekends. You might ask, why the weekends? It’s usually the time people have off from work. You should never strain your body anytime, but at least allow yourself two days or more to unwind.

5 reasons why you should rest every weekend
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5 Reasons Why You Should Rest Every Weekend

  1. Your body is not a robot. We can’t easily replace parts of our body when worn out. There are no stores to go to if you broke your back consistently lifting heavy boxes. If you overwork yourself consistently, you’ll end up sick.
  2. Your mind deserves a break. Have you ever thought so hard that your head started to hurt? Sometimes our minds want to relax and not deal with complex thoughts every day.
  3. It’s time to start living. Are you alive? Yes. But, are you living? No. We only get one chance to live. Why spend 90 percent of your life wearing and tearing your body down 24/7?
  4. Self-care is vital. Self-care might be the word of the decade, but it’s imperative to make time to cater to your mind and body.
  5. JUST DO IT. If the first four reasons weren’t good enough for you to rest, be like Nike and just do it. Do something for yourself for once.

We all need to take better care of our bodies, it might not be the easiest thing to do, but we can start by resting when we can, especially on the weekends.

For more in-depth reasons why you should relax, check out this article.

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