Steve Harvey Is Right, Write Down Your Dreams

If you choose not to do anything else today, listen to Steve Harvey and write down your dream list.

write down your dreams

There are many definitions of the word dream, but the one I’m focusing on is ” a cherished aspiration, ambition, or ideal.” You know, like a dream of having a high-paying job doing something you love. Professionals have researched this topic, and it’s talked about in TED Talks, written about in book series, and even illustrated by artists in many forms.

Yet, recently I came across a Steve Harvey video on youtube about the importance of having a dream list. Harvey also spoke about why writing the list down is beneficial to success. This video really spoke to me, and since this is “The Dream Inspo,” I had to share this information with The Dream family.

What is a “Dream List”?

Dream lists are detailed lists of things you want to accomplish. They’re things that you yearn to achieve. They could be a part of your reality with the right mindset, hard work (with a large splash of working smarter), and ambition.

I, as well as many people, already have these lists stored in my mind. I often speak about them because I know words are powerful. What I didn’t have was a physical list. So you know what I did, especially after listening to Harvey’s words of wisdom? I got a journal and started writing it down.

The Benefit of Writing Down Your Dreams

This works similarly to manifestations. You have a physical list of your dreams like it’s right in your hand. The benefit of writing your dreams down is its effect on productivity. For example, when I see them, I have more drive to finish/accomplish things. It’s no longer a thought, it’s in reality, and I can touch it.

According to Steve Harvey, a critical success factor is that you HAVE to write things down. That Dream List serves as extreme motivation. It provides that push or drive needed to make it happen! I saw a significant shift in productivity, and so far, one of my dreams has come true. Watch Harvey’s video.

Steve Harvey’s Words of Wisdom

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