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“Here, dreams are realistic.”– Lashaunta Moore

Dream boards and inspiration galore!

“The Dream Inspo.” was a blog site originally created for personal use. Founder, Journalist, and Digital Content Producer Lashaunta Moore needed a space to complain about life when she realized that was prohibiting growth. The blog then became a digital diary and safe space for dream board lovers and inspiration to create a better outlook on life. Dreams are realistic, and here, they are big! This blog will go hand and hand with our youtube channel. Subscribe here.

Welcome to The Dream Inspo family!

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Future Media & Creative Marketing Powerhouse

Lashaunta Moore is a Journalist, Creative Marketer, Blogger, and Digital Content Producer (among many other things). She contributes to both print and digital publications, including the following: Sheen Magazine, Blavity News, 21 Ninety, Buzzfeed, The Honey Pop, and Medium. 

She’s the creator, host, and editor of Sheen News Weekly.

After receiving her Bachelors in Media Communication in 2020, Lashaunta decided to expand her talents.

She created Lashaunta Shanese Media, specializing in freelance media and creative marketing services (blogging, freelance journalism, videography/photography, creative/social media marketing, and more.)

On her official website, you can view a portion of Lashaunta’s professional portfolio.